Water Energy Services

Water Energy Services

AQUA Energy delivers practical, economically sound solutions for lasting energy efficiency. We work with a broad spectrum of clients to create efficiencies in their office buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, correctional facilities, state and federal government facilities, HUD and other facilities.

Water Services


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Toilet and Urinals – Replace inefficient toilets with ultra low-flush (HET) toilets and urinals.

Faucets and Showers – Replace existing faucets with water-conserving units or low consumption aerators. Retrofit showers with new water-conserving shower heads.

Metering – Provide the engineering and flow analysis to correctly size the applicable meter to the flow conditions reducing monthly meter base fees.

Dishwashing Machines – Installation of high efficient dishwashers utilizing less electricity and water.

Dishwashing Sprayers/Pre-Washing Stations Control – Retrofit of high use dish sprayers and implementation of prep station water control.

Garbage Disposals – Installation of high efficiency disposals with staged-demand technology.

Ice-Making Machines – Retrofit to Water Efficient Model with Installation of efficient Ice Making Technology.

X-Ray and Photo Processing – Hospitals commonly have several x-ray processors operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Due to continuous water flow, control or replacement of these units will significantly reduce water usage.

Sterilizers and Autoclaves – In many hospitals, sterilizers and autoclaves lead in the consumption of municipal water due to continuous water flow. Control or replacement of these units will reduce significant water usage.

O-Zone Laundry Systems – O-Zone is injected into the laundry process will eliminate the demand for the production of hot water (for laundry) which saves energy and reduces chemical costs that are typically utilized in the laundry cycles.

Pool Efficiency – You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by using a pool cover or use of a pool cover also can help reduce the size of a solar pool heating system, which can save money.

Pool Control & Chemical Efficiency – Management, control or conversion of chemical treatment.



Evaporative cooling equipment consumes a great deal of water and frequently uses water inefficiently. Cooling towers use huge volumes of water because they are designed to remove heat by evaporation. There are many ways to improve the water-use efficiency of a cooling tower by reducing the water lost to bleed-off:

Install and read sewer deduct meters on makeup water lines

Install conductivity and flow meters on make-up and bleed-off lines

Install side stream filtration

Implementation of a professionally designed water chemistry program to decrease bleed-off

Recycle and reuse bleed-off water


Whether there is a localized body of water or a well-water system each have the ability to produce large volumes of FREE process water for non-potable applications. The water can be extracted and delivered to the intended process location reducing the demand for municipally supplied water for non-potable applications. These applications can include irrigation or make-up water for HVAC process cooling and heating.


Weather Based Irrigation Controllers that adjusts irrigation demand based on data collected from a local weather stations.  Rain-water collection reduces the amount of normal run off that empties into storm drains and pollutes waterways, with ground level contaminants; which is very positive for the environment. The water is typically collected from existing rain leader systems, filtered, and directed to a containment vessel. Once stored in the vessel the water is readily available for any non-potable application (as with Ground Water Sourcing).


Solar thermal systems are renewable energy technologies that convert energy from sunlight into thermal (heat) energy, which can either be used directly as heat energy or converted into electricity. More than 300,000 solar pool heating systems have been installed in the United States, providing efficient heating to residential and commercial swimming pools around the country. Solar pool heating payback can be as low as two years and the solar system can extend the swimming season by several weeks without any additional cost. Solar water heating systems (Domestic Water Heating) can efficiently provide up to (80%) of the hot water needs; reducing fuel costs and lowering your carbon footprint.


Water Filtration and Side Stream to improve Cooling Tower Efficiency. A layer of scale 1/1000 inch thick can reduce heat transfer to increase energy costs by as much as 10%.


Condensation from mechanical cooling and refrigeration can provide facilities with a large volume of relatively pure water for many applications.





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